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We worked with Joe for quite awhile to find the right home for our family. He always responded to us promptly, had open communication, and had great expertise. When there were challenges in our home purchase, he provided us with phenomenal guidance to make the home purchase go smoothly.

Kirkland, WA 98034

Joe is extremely responsive, professional and attentive. He was very accommodating to help us see the homes we wanted, when we wanted to. He is clearly very experienced. Joe is also very polite, never pushy, and very comfortable to speak with even around the Nitty gritties of buying a home. His detailed knowledge of every ace we visited showed how he looked into every (and there were tons!) property before we got there-even on last minute showings. He was extremely polite with all the other professionals we dealt with, yet assertive when it came to certain aspects of the purchase.
Norma B.

Joe was very concerned with every aspect of the process. He went above and beyond when it came to following up with me, by anticipating any concerns or questions I might have and being ready with an answer! Joe knows the area and was very helpful in making a decision as to where to start looking before I purchased. Also followed up with me at closing, after closing and recently. Couldn't be happier or be better cared for! Other than actually moving my furniture, Joe Gradilla did everything a broker needs to do, wants to do and possibly could do! Terry M.

Extremely professional, diligent, and tireless. Joe worked very hard with us, and behind the scenes to make everything come together in our tight time line. As a first time home buyer I don't have a benchmark, but I really felt that Joe put our needs and piece of mind first. The small things that Joe did, like being present at signing, made us feel reassured and gave us confidence that we were well-represented. From start to finish Joe worked with us every step of the way to make the process as smooth, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible. Mark B.

Excellent Service! Joe was a tremendous help! He answered my questions knowledgeably, honestly and very concisely. It was a pleasure working with him every step of the way! Joe is an exemplary employee; he ALWAYS goes above and beyond what is expected. Windermere should be proud to have him as an associate! Joe Gradilla and the rest of the Windermere staff were a pleasure to work with! I wouldn't change a thing!
Todd B.

Joe was tolerant with my difficult needs and made every appointment requested. Joe provided insight to the Short Sale process and ended up saving me money.
Joe was excellent.
Ernie B.

Joe was awesome. Very informative and understanding. Joe was available at anytime day or night and on the weekends. I felt he really went above and beyond. Rosie M

Very friendly and courteous. Never pressured me in to buying or making a decision. Quick turnaround time for emails/calls and was always staying on top of things.
Jag S.

Outstanding! He took care of every little detail above
and beyond what was expected.
Kristian P.

Joe did a fabulous job working with us, calling and emailing us frequently about listings and meeting us last minute to check out homes. He's very friendly, professional, and personable. I really appreciated all his help.
Robin F

Joe is the first broker I have had that went beyond my expectations, he kept on top of the work that was needed to be done by my contractor and helped keep communications open between the contractor and the buyer. I was completely satisfied with all of his services and had no surprises.
Lorrie L.

The best, Joe is a great example of what a broker should be, professional, open to seller's ideas, informative. He thought outside of the box and put a plan together that satisfied both parties.
Jeritt & Erin V.